A Comeback Prayer

You know what keeps me from pursuing a passion? Fear. You know what pushes me away from the people I love? Fear. You know what taints the goodness of relationship with my Father? Fear

All that is ugly in my life I give full credit to that word. And Eric Church, yeah I’d pound fear into a pile of sand too because…

“God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” ‭‭2 Timothy‬ ‭1:7‬ ‭



I’ve let timidity become what I wear to work. I have forgotten the power a passion. 
I have worked to be known as strong, wise, and independent, and I have developed a fear of being thought of other wise. And an even bigger fear of losing someone I actually depend on. 

I have lost the self discipline it takes to love an intangible God, of fear He will take away good for better. Because even that hurts sometimes.


But y’all here is what I am learning. I’m learning that Timothy knew his stuff, and Eric Church has the right idea, the best way to kill a word, is prayer. And you all can be a witness as I confess right now God, I choose to combat my fear with a comeback prayer, ft. the opposite of fear, TRUST.


T – Take. Take it. Take the crap. Take the fear. Take me back. I trust you.

R – Restore. Restore my view of you. Restore whatever bridges fear and I burned together. I trust you. 

U – Use. Use whatever you need to teach me, to remind me how to live with a spirit of power, love and self discipline. I give you free reign over that, because I trust you.

S – Still love me when I mess up. I know you will. I trust you

T – Today. Not tomorrow, not when I get a sign from you, not when it looks right in my opinion, I promise to give you today. I trust you

If you have been letting fear pound on you, pray this comeback prayer with me. Quit fighting passions, people, and Jesus with close fists and instead open them in TRUST and receive the opposite of fear. I want to be powerful, I want to be loving and easy to love, and I so want to be self disciplined. I want it for you too.

I’m thanking you today Mr. Church

– Jax 

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